- Climate Cultures Festival 2021 -

Planet Writes Back!

Scenes from the festival, which took place from 27-29.11.2021 at the Red Salon of the Volksbühne in Berlin

Over three days in November 2021, the Climate Cultures Festival "Planet Writes Back!" will explore how the climate crisis is represented in the perspectives of literature and debate, film and art photography.

This year's festival consists of three main areas of focus: Arctic cultures, petromodernity (petrofiction) and climate in science fiction.

We will approach these worlds in terms of histories/ counter-histories, in which cultural-geographical fields, climate-cultural traditions and artistic forms of expression are critically intertwined.

We aim to show how particular climate zones have different perspectives and how local climate cultures, each with their own methods and set of traditions, rise to a common challenge.

»In order to collectively shape the future, everyone must have access to knowledge about the climate.«

Scientists and activists still struggle for recognition of their cause and have yet to achieve success in global climate politics. We believe that art and literature can make a substantial contribution to changing this situation.

In order to collectively shape the future, everyone must have access to knowledge about the climate. This refers not only to the expert knowledge of science and politics, but also to the collected knowledge of all actors in civilisation.

"Climate" has always had both a material and symbolic impact on the cultures of this Earth. Climate knowledge is present in local consciousness everywhere and must be seen and understood collectively in the face of the global climate crisis.

The festival will take place in the Red Salon at the Volksbühne Berlin and in the adjacent BABYLON.

↗Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
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