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Martin Zähringer

Martin Zähringer is Artistic Director of "Planet Writes Back!" and Founder of the CLIMATE CULTURES network berlin (↗CCnetwork), a network at the intersection of climate, crisis and culture.

He is a feature author and literary critic with a focus on translated literatures. He has been writing about Ecocriticism and Nature Writing for more than ten years, and his work has appeared in NZZ, ARD, Deutschlandfunk and elsewhere.

A list of his print articles can be found in the Austrian database ↗LAURIN. In 2020 he served as the Artistic Director of the ↗Climate Fiction Festival.

Jane Tversted

Jane Tversted is Co-director of "Planet Writes Back!" and Co-founder of the CLIMATE CULTURES network berlin (↗CCnetwork).

She is a feature author and translator and has been working in the field of climate fiction since 2016. Together with Martin Zähringer, she has produced several radio broadcasts on climate in literature, for example, the 3-hour program "The Planet Strikes Back" for "Lange Nacht" (The Long Night) at Deutschlandfunk. She is also responsible for the festival website.

Yuma Carpenter-New

Yuma Carpenter-New is a poet and freelance writer, editor and project assistant. They studied creative writing with poet Ann Lauterbach at Bard College in upstate New York before moving to Berlin in 2018.

They are currently working on a collection of photo poetry books and objects, among other things. For the festival they will curate the photo/visual art program and oversee digital media.

Florian Auerochs

↗Florian Auerochs is PhD candidate in the faculty of German and Cultural Studies at the University of Vechta and lecturer in the Department of German Studies at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

He holds a master's degree in Comparative Literary and Media Studies from Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg.

His fields of study include German and US contemporary fiction, Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities and Petrocriticism. For our festival, Florian Auerochs will curate a panel on petro fiction in relation to femininity and masculinity.

Gabriele Dürbeck

↗Gabriele Dürbeck, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dürbeck will curate a panel on Nature Writing.

Ivalo Frank

LIFE Film Festival

Born in Greenland in 1975, ↗Ivalo Frank holds a master's degree in Philosophy and Social Science from Lund University. She is an international award-winning film director, festival director and artist, working in Berlin since 2000.

As Festival Director 2012-2015, she toured the ↗Greenland Eyes International Film Festival from its inauguration in Berlin, across the Nordic countries, before finalising in Washington D.C., at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Currently, Ivalo Frank is in post production with her upcoming film "The Last Human" (2021), a feature documentary exploring the origin of life and the potential end of humanity.

At "Planet Writes Back!", the LIFE Film Festival (Ivalo Frank and Nicholas Alan Parsons) are curating the film program.

Nicholas Alan Parsons

LIFE Film Festival

Nicholas Alan Parsons is from the Midlands in the UK. He has a background in financial research and is the Head of Production for the ↗Greenland Eyes International Film Festival. Furthermore, he has worked as a Production Consultant on Ivalo Frank's films.

For the last three years he has been teaching English at the local school in Kangaatsiaq, Greenland whilst co-writing Ivalo Frank's latest film, "The Last Human (2021)".

At "Planet Writes Back!", the LIFE Film Festival (Ivalo Frank and Nicholas Alan Parsons) are curating the film program.

Lukas Dubro/ Felix Meyer zu Venne


↗Kapsel Magazine is a magazine for science fiction literature from China. Editorial director Felix Meyer zu Venne and publisher Lukas Dubro will curate two panels for our festival, to which they will invite important representatives from the Chinese science fiction scene.

Kapsel is published by Verlag fruehwerk. Four issues have been published since 2017, including a special issue in February 2021 by Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu, which presents four positive visions of the future.

Between October 2019 and October 2020, the editors invited outstanding representatives from the science fiction world to ↗Kunsthaus Acud in Berlin for a series of discussions, among them Ken Liu, Chen Qiufan, and Xia Jia.