27/28/29 Nov 2021



»By bringing in voices from different climate zones and from different cultural traditions, we begin to see some of the limitations maybe of only taking a scientific approach to climate change.« (Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge)
»This butterfly guilt morphed into a part of my photographic conscience, as I often feel guilty about the photographs I take of people in desperate situations. After I have my picture, I leave them behind, not much changed, them still limping...« (Rena Effendi: Liquid Land, Amsterdam 2012, p.19)
»You could say that since capitalism has existed, we have been in a long dispute with natural conditions, but it has been one-sided for 200 years. Only we have spoken. For half a century, we have been getting answers for the first time, and they come out louder and clearer the longer we refuse to listen.« (Harald Welzer: Nachruf auf mich selbst, Frankfurt am Main 2021, p.116)